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Our mission is to empower those fighting cancer, illness, and despair to find hope and healing through our authentic, hope-filled media.

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We are close to releasing our award-winning film, A Brave Hope! We plan to release it on 09-17-21.  In the meantime, we just finished writing a new book called The Story Behind the Movie.  This is a 100% FREE downloadable e-book with over 100 behind-the-scenes pictures and over a dozen video links.  You'll learn how-in-the-world we pulled this off and also why. This book is a quick read but chock-full of inspiration and life lessons to help you take daring risks in launching your own dreams. 

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Meet Joel and Rebekah

Welcome to our home of projects!  We are so glad you stopped by.  Our Passion at Rebekah’s Hope is to empower those fighting cancer, illness, and despair to find hope and healing through our authentic, hope-filled media. No matter where you’re at in the journey, we want to help you see that YOU ARE NOT ALONE and that there is always hope.  Whether you are a survivor, you have cancer, you're loving someone with cancer, or just need hope for life struggles, there is something here for you.  Our movie, books, videos, and writings are raw, real, and relevant. We want to help YOU become the HERO of Your Story.



  • Drowning in anxiety

  • Paralyzed by the fear of a hundred “what ifs”?

  • How do you keep going when life hurts so much?

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They Need to Watch This. 

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Share Your Story of Hope

Do you have a story of hope?  Do you have a testimony of God’s power and goodness through your trials?  We’d love to hear it!  We might also like to share it on our blog for other’s who need fresh hope.  Email us your story in 1-2 pages (or 1000 words or less).  If you need help, follow this format:

  • Who were you before or where were you in life before the problem?
  • What was the problem that invaded (or still invades) your life? What did that problem do to you?
  • Who or What helped you to see hope or a way out?
  • Who are you now and where are you at now in life?

Want more help writing your testimony or life story?  Check out our FREE mini-course: How to Write Your Life Story.

Send emails to [email protected] 

FREE Mini-Course

Become the HERO of Your Story!

We believe that the main battle against cancer, illness, and despair is fought in the heart, where hope lives or dies. 

  • Do you feel paralyzed by fear? 
  • Do you feel depressed and lost? 
  • Do you feel alone and unsure? 

Guess what?  WE HAVE BOTH BEEN THERE AND WE GET IT!  Honestly, we still struggle with all these feelings at times.  In various ways, we've both lived through heartbreak, disappointment, failure, addiction, divorce, abuse, mental illness, and cancer.  We both know fear and despair intimately.  Sometimes, it's Ok to not be Ok.  BUT we have a Mighty Hope and have (and are) learning to persevere and rise above our trials through insights and hope that comes from God.  You can too! 

Through our authentic, real-life media, our goal is to help you find hope and healing so that YOU can become the HERO of Your Story. 

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Jaime C. (OR)

Rebekah refuses to stop believing the promises given to us by our Almighty, loving, omnipotent Father. Her faith inspires me and so many others. Her and her husband’s story is a true testament to fighting the the good fight.

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Catherine L. (CA)

I highly recommend this page and ministry. The name itself is powerful! Every person living will experience hardship and will be in need of hope. Rebekah’s Hope perfectly displays HOPE and courageously allows and invites the audience into Joel and Rebekah’s journey with their cancer battle. 

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