After 8 Years of Doing Chemotherapy, Here's a Game Plan to Power Through It

Honest advice from someone with a black belt in chemotherapy. Let's face it, chemo sucks and no one wants to do it, but if you do have to do it, why not learn how to power through it like a badass?

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Feeling Crappy, Weight Gain/Loss, Fatigue, Upset Stomach, Sleep Issues, Chemo Brain, Loss of Appetite, Nausea... Sound familiar?

In my little quick-read eBook, I tackle 17 of the most common chemo side effects and I show you what works for me - and what doesn't!


Welcome to Badass Camp for Wimps Heros

To get through chemo like a real badass, you need to become a badass. You may feel like a wimp - trust me, I know - but through some simple prep work, you can unleash your inner badass.  So what makes a badass?  A badass has three key qualities.

Body Be Better


  • Real life, practical tips to alleviating pain, discomfort, fatigue, etc..
  • Simple foods and drinks that can help with fatigue, nausea, upset stomach, and loss of appetite.
  • Simple life hacks and habits to reduce many of chemo’s discomforts.
  • New products, OTC meds, and home remedies to reduce negative side effects.
  • Foods, drinks, and habits that often intensify side effects. Avoid these things!

Mind Be Better


  • Rebekah Hughes, a truly remarkable cancer warrior. Diagnosed at 23 and still fighting now at 34, her courage AND joy will inspire you with fresh hope and courage.
  • Renewed courage and confidence as you learn what it takes to be a badass and how you can become one too.
  • New positive ways to think about your treatments to help you avoid anger and bitterness.
  • Why chemo messes you up and specific tips you can do to help you today.

Tools To Feel Better


  • Additional products, companies, and cancer resources to make you even badassier.
  • How CBD oil may help diminish chemo's side effects from someone who’s been there, done that.
  • How to avoid further trauma (PTSD) after chemo ends. Learn how to find life again and open new chapters of hope and adventure.



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April Streams - Founder, Wildfire Magazine

I first met Joel and Rebekah Hughes in 2020 in my role as a magazine publisher in the young breast cancer space. In addition to their transparency and service, their strong message of hope is also so appealing & needed by those of us in Cancerland -- and beyond! All any of us wants is hope, honestly.

Debra Stroman - Executive Director, Breast Cancer Angels

Rebekah has been through so much over the past 12 years. Rebekah is a fighter and Joel has been by her side supporting her with everything she is enduring. It amazes us at BCA that they are thinking of others during this challenging time. 

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We, at Cancer Kinship, are excited to partner with Joel and Rebekah on their wonderful projects! As a cancer survivor, I've personally benefited from acts of kindness and support in the form of tangible tools, resources, and feel-good items to help me power through Stage 3 cancer treatment and surgeries. Their resources are not only practical but also provide a much-needed boost to give cancer patients the encouragement to keep fighting! 

Yolanda Origel

Executive Director, Cancer Kinship

Rebekah Hughes

Rebekah and Joel Hughes are the directors of Rebekah's Hope, which helps cancer fighters find hope through their authentic, hope-filled media.

Rebekah: I have battled breast cancer (stage 1 & 4) for 12 years and we've fought it for seven years together as a couple. We know the battle!  We hope this little guide book will help you find hope and healing.

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