Avoiding Cowardly Self-Preservation

Uncategorized Feb 15, 2020

Avoiding Cowardly Self-Preservation

In my youth and teen years, I had little fear of anything.  Why would I?  The world was safe, and my parents loved me.  But after the world fell out from beneath my feet and I lost everything through a divorce and struggles with drinking, the world no longer was a safe place.  Life was dangerous.  From that time until just a few years ago, all I cared about was making it through life without crashing and burning again.  In essence, I circled my wagons and played it really, really safe.  Little did I know, I was losing my life through cowardly self-preservation.  Most people living today do this too. 

In this video by Joel Hughes, he explores this idea and seeks to find ways to help us avoid this trap.  This is part of Joel’s YouTube channel, Nuggets for Living.



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