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Finding the Only Hope That Can Heal Our Deepest Hurts

 In its own unique way, EPIC Hope boldly tackles the “What is the ultimate meaning of life?” question as well as crucial truths about hope: what genuine hope is, where we find it, and how we discern false hopes.

EPIC Hope is a must-read for anyone who feels lost, afraid, stuck, overwhelmed, or empty. If you can relate to any of those feelings, buy this book now. I wrote it for you.

Available in Kindle, Paperback, and Audio. 268 pages. 

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WHY Does God Allow Things Like Cancer?

Understanding Pain and Suffering

  • If God is all good, WHY all the suffering and evil?
  • If God is all powerful, WHY doesn’t He put an end to it?
  • Doesn’t God care?
  • Is God even there?

In Why Does God Allow Things Like Cancer?, Joel offers answers to these WHY questions. They haven’t come easily or quickly, but they are answers that offer powerful hope. 

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HELP! Someone I Love Has Cancer

How You Can Really Make a Difference

When someone you love gets diagnosed with cancer...

What do you say?  What do you do?  What do you NOT do?  These questions and many others are answered in this book.  The answers come from a young couple who are in the trenches and valleys of fighting cancer and learning to love through it. 

Available in Paperback, Kindle, and Audio.  120 pages

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In Your Corner

A Caregiver's Survival Guide to Life, Love, Cancer, and Hope

Your spouse or someone you love has cancer…

What in the world do you do?  How do you stay strong?

“It turned our whole world upside down. It’s an odd—and frightening—thing that life can take a complete turn in a matter of minutes. Within one minute, as the doctor told us those words, everything changed. Life as we previously knew it, was gone.” --Excerpt

People with cancer typically get the attention and care from the world. Rightly so. But what about the unsung heroes of those caring day and night for people with cancer—or any debilitating illness? Caregiver’s struggle with their own unique fears, hurts, frustrations, and stresses. If that sounds familiar, then this book is for you. 

Available in Paperback and Kindle.  252 Pages. 

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The Story Behind the Movie - FREE!

How We Did it and Why

The Story Behind the Movie is co-written by Rebekah and Joel Hughes and tells the inspirational story BEHIND the movie.  You will learn not only HOW this ordinary couple facing extraordinary obstacles persevered to create an award-winning feature film, but also WHY they did it.  Most importantly, you'll find immense inspiration to step out into your own faith-filled adventures.  This book is also jam-packed with tons of practical life applications for all heroes in the making!  And over 100 Behind-the-scenes pictures.  This is a FREE digital download.  

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Find Your Purpose

A Practical Guide to Find YOUR Purpose and Transform Your Life

What are you living for? 

What's your purpose in life?

It's probably not what you think it is.  

Coming in 2022

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Clothed With Strength

Finding Hope and Meaning in Light of Loss and Tragedy

Coming in 2022

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