What if there is a different kind of Hope that can change everything?



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Drowning in Anxiety?





Paralyzed by the fear of a hundred what-ifs?


Struggling to keep going when you're hurting more than you ever thought possible? 



Divorce? Dysfunction? Addiction? Pain? Cancer? Illness? Despair? ...



Or perhaps you’re worn down from the angst that has become a constant companion. It’s exhausting to carry around that deep, underlying, unsettled, restless feeling that something is wrong and that that something will get worse, not better. A painful feeling of incompleteness and emptiness, angst echoes in our soul because of the one thing that’s missing—and that one thing feels like everything.

 Anxiety, fear, pain, angst—none of these are resolved by our introducing new things, new experiences, new people, new goals, or new drugs into our life.

So exactly how are we to deal with this inner darkness? By embracing a different kind of hope, one so revolutionary only the word EPIC captures it. This hope just may change everything for you.

 In its own unique way, EPIC Hope boldly tackles the “What is the ultimate meaning of life?” question as well as crucial truths about hope: what genuine hope is, where we find it, and how we discern false hopes. In these pages you will discover how to:

  • Overcome serious life challenges with EPIC Hope
  • Recognize genuine hope and apply it to daily living
  • Experience a new way to see life and your life’s purpose
  • Find meaning and purpose in trials and suffering
  • Thrive in the midst of struggles, not merely survive them

EPIC Hope is a must-read for anyone who feels lost, afraid, stuck, overwhelmed, or empty. If you can relate to any of those feelings, buy this book now. I wrote it for you. 

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Joel Hughes 

is the author of HELP! Someone I Love Has Cancer and In Your Corner.  He’s the producer of the feature documentary, A Brave Hope, and the director of Rebekah’s Hope and Newbie Book Writer.  He holds degrees in Christian ministry and philosophy.  Joel lives in Southern California with his wife, Rebekah, and his two kids.  

EPIC Hope is packed with both intellectual rigor and rigorous empathy.  It's raw, real, and gritty because Joel has fought through all the above-mentioned issues.  He still does.  Daily.  He presses forth with joy because of an eternal Hope unlike anything in this world, a Hope so powerful only the word EPIC captures it. 

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