Friends & Family Box


Friends & Family Box

Included Inside:

  • Movie - A Brave Hope (both online and DVD)
  • eBook - The Story Behind the Movie (inspirational book on doing your dreams)
  • Book - (3 copies) HELP! Someone I Love Has Cancer
  • Hope Cards with Inspirational Quotes
  • Rebekah's Daily Survival Guide
  • Welcome Packet from Joel & Rebekah
  • Joel & Rebekah Contact Info
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This Box is Perfect for...

  • Family & friends who want to better understand cancer and how to really help.
  • Those who want to send a gift of hope to someone they love.
  • Anyone looking to help others with cancer.

Friends & Family Box


You Will Discover:

  • How a tragedy can turn into a triumph
  • How to understand what cancer is and how it's treated
  • How not to be one of the many Well-Intententioned Dragons
  • How to really help your loved one through their journey
  • The true means of finding hope that can't be lost
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