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Powerful hope for the cancer journey


Cancer Attacks One and Affects Many


Can Feel:

Alone & Forgotten

Afraid & Anxious

Angry & Bitter

Hopeless & Lost

Spouses / Caregivers

Can Feel:

Alone & Unrecognized

Overwhelmed & Tired

Angry & Bitter

A loss of Identity & Self

Family / Friends

Can Feel:

Unsure What to Say

Unsure How to Help

Afraid & Anxious

Angry & Bitter

HOPEBoxes Can Help!

HOPEBoxes are a new kind of cancer care package. We offer different boxes for different groups and needs. Every item is created to help foster real-life application, inner transformation, and life-long hope. Thus we avoid pink trinkets and space fillers. Our goal is to help you become the HERO of your story.

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We promise you these HOPE Boxes are not like any other care package you've seen.  Every item is carefully created and chosen to make a real difference.  We know because we are walking the cancer journey too!

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What Others are Saying

April Streams - Founder, Wildfire Magazine

I first met Joel and Rebekah Hughes in 2020 in my role as a magazine publisher in the young breast cancer space. In addition to their transparency and service, their strong message of hope is also so appealing & needed by those of us in Cancerland -- and beyond! All any of us wants is hope, honestly. Joel and Rebekah continue to find ways to provide this, most recently with their Cancer Hope Boxes. I'm so glad to see a product like this arrive on the scene for anyone who needs a pick-me-up themselves or wants to meaningful gift for a loved one. As a person who turns to writing to process life's traumas (including my own cancer diagnosis at 35), I'm especially excited about The Writer's Box!

Yolanda Origel - Executive Director, Cancer Kinship

We, at Cancer Kinship, are excited to partner with Joel and Rebekah on this wonderful HOPEBox project! As a cancer survivor, I've personally benefitted from acts of kindness and support in the form of tangible tools, resources, and feel-good items to help me power through Stage 3 cancer treatment and surgeries. The HOPEBoxes are not only practical but also provide a much-needed boost to give cancer patients the encouragement to keep fighting! Plus, there are boxes for care providers and other groups of supporters - there's something for everyone!

Debra Stroman - Executive Director, Breast Cancer Angels

Rebekah has been through so much over the past 12 years. Rebekah is a fighter and Joel has been by her side supporting her with everything she is enduring. It amazes us at BCA that they are thinking of others during this challenging time. 

Our Story

Hi! We are Joel & Rebekah Hughes. Rebekah has battled breast cancer (stage 1 & 4) for 12 years and we've fought it for seven years together as a couple. We know the battle!

We created these HOPEBoxes (and all the items inside) because it's the exact type of thing we desperately needed at so many points of this journey but never had. We have felt very alone in this many, many times and we don't want anyone to feel like they are alone. We want to share what we've learned and for you to know you are not alone and that there is always HOPE.

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Different Boxes for Different Needs

Cancer affects the patient at the center of the circle, but it also affects many other people in that circle: spouses, family, friends, and co-workers. Thus we have different boxes for different needs.

Quality Content Thoughtfully Chosen

No trinkets! All box items are created and included with an aim toward true inner transformation and hope-empowerment. Best selling books, an award-winning film, quality apparel, and more!

Beautifully Packaged & Ships Fast!

We spent months not just planning what's inside the boxes, but also how they look. We want recipients to have an exciting experience, like opening a present on Christmas morning. 

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Our Insane Guarantee

We work hard to ensure each box brings a joyful experience. However, if you are unsatisfied with your purchase, you can return it for a full refund within 30 days of your order’s delivery AND you can keep the box and everything inside! No hassles re-packing, shipping stuff back, and waiting for a refund. Yep, we're that confident in our product.

Packaged With Love From Oregon

HopeBoxes is a homegrown project.  We build each box with thought and love right out of our little house here in Southern Oregon. Along with the standard items included in each box, we also include a few other customized goodies, a handwritten thank you note, and our direct contact info for those who want to connect further. 


In our effort toward full disclosure and honesty, we want to let you know we are Christians. At times, our film and Joel’s books interweave this faith into the topic. Our faith in God is what has carried us all these years and, honestly, is what has kept us going up till now. But none of our materials are preachy. We are broken humans just like the rest of us and we walk and live with deep empathy for those hurting. Rather than trying to preach to people, we accept all people right where they’re at and we respect everyone’s right to believe what they want. In our works, we tell portions of OUR story and our faith is simply a part of that story and how God has helped us. All of our materials are filmed, written, and aimed at helping ALL people. So… unless you (or the person you are buying a box for) are ardent atheists, we are confident you will be blessed even if we don’t agree on everything : )

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