Online Hope Courses

We have a number of online courses to fit your needs and dreams.  

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The HOPE Project

A Powerful Resource to Build Hope for the Cancer Journey

The Hope Project is an interactive support resource for groups and individuals.  It’s created by a collaboration of hope professionals.  THP brings video, booklet, and online communities together. 

Coming Soon in 2020

How To Write YOUR Story

A Free Mini-Course Teaching You How to Frame and Write Your Story.

In this mini e-Course, Joel will show you how to outline, frame, and write YOUR STORY as both a source of healing (for you) and serve as a source of hope to those who read it.  

7 video lessons

Coming in 2020

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Newbie Book Writer

From Idea to Publication

Newbie Book Writer is the ultimate online course to help aspiring authors go from an idea in their head all the way to a beautifully published book online that sells! 

Joel will show you step-by-step how he plans, writes, designs, and publishes his books.  If you've ever wanted to write a book, this is the BEST course to show you how.  

34 video lessons

e-Book Creator Pro

Create and Launch Your First eBook!

e-Book Creator Pro is designed for anyone who wants to learn to plan, write, and create a killer e-book on the cheap.  Why make e-books?

  • Marketing for your business
  • Increase professional authority
  • Lead magnet to build your email list
  • Share your knowledge or solutions with the world
  • Just to become an author and get your foot in the door!

8 video lessons

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All e-Courses Launching in 2020!

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