75 Stupidly Simple Ideas for Helping

Your Loved One Through Cancer... 

Plus 20 Things You Should NEVER Say or Do

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Someone you care about has cancer...

What do you say or do to help?

What should you NOT say or do?

You may feel helpless or ineffective.

You wish you could do more to really help.

We have good news!

You possess far more power to help than you know.  We just finished this small e-Book that will show you a ton of ways you can be a true cancer angel for the one you love.

We've compiled 75 stupidly simple ideas to really be a blessing to your friend or relative who's fighting cancer.  Plus, from the secret files, we've listed 20 things you should NEVER do or say?  We know because we've experienced all of these attempts to help but ultimately just frustrate or hurt.

You'll Discover:

Their Primary Battle

Learn the primary battle against cancer. Hint: it's not what you think!

Their Primary Need

Learn the primary need of your friend. Knowing this will help you best help them.

Your Primary Power

Learn that really helping them is not as hard as you think. We'll show you how.

Who Are We?!

Meet Your Ninja Guides


Rebekah Hughes. Rebekah (34) has been fighting breast cancer for 12 years, stages 1 and 4. Joel says she has multiple black belts in cancer combat! As a married couple, they've been fighting her cancer for seven years. 

Rebekah is co-founder of Rebekah's Hope, the star of an award-winning documentary (A Brave Hope), a contributor to, and the author of her forthcoming book, Clothed in Strength.

Joel Hughes. Joel (44) is a former pastor and holds degrees in Christian ministry and philosophy. He is co-founder of Rebekah's Hope, producer of A Brave Hope, and the author of six books, including HELP! Someone I Love Has Cancer and In Your Corner. He is also a writer for known as The Fallible Caregiver.

Penny Hughes. Penny (2 1/2) is a current Diva, trouble-maker, and soul-souther. This fun-loving bulldog serves as Joel and Rebekah's live-in therapist and favorite pain-in-the-butt.

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You CAN Make a Huge Difference

Cancer is not like getting a cold. Cancer wants to kill. That's its purpose.

And the one you care about feels this every day. They often struggle with feelings of fear, anger, overwhelm, and feeling very alone.

To really help your loved one beat this bastard, retain their dignity, maintain hope, and keep their relationships healthy - AND GROWING - they need powerful weapons of hope. Grab a copy of our free guidebook written from years of experience fighting in the trenches.

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This quick-read guide will give you tons of ideas on how you can really help the one you care about.

What Other Ninjas Are Saying

April Streams
Founder, Wildfire Magazine

I first met Joel and Rebekah Hughes in 2020 in my role as a magazine publisher in the young breast cancer space. In addition to their transparency and service, their strong message of hope is also so appealing & needed by those of us in Cancerland -- and beyond! All any of us wants is hope, honestly.

Yolanda Origel
Executive Director, Cancer Kinship

We, at Cancer Kinship, are excited to partner with Joel and Rebekah on their wonderful projects! As a cancer survivor, I've personally benefited from acts of kindness and support in the form of tangible tools, resources, and feel-good items to help me power through Stage 3 cancer treatment and surgeries. Their resources are not only practical but also provide a much-needed boost to give cancer patients the encouragement to keep fighting!