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Over 100 never-seen-before behind-the-scenes photos of the making of the movie, plus over a dozen video links. 

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This book is packed with practical faith-filled inspiration for your own life.  Joel and Rebekah share dozens of "Life Lessons Learned".

A True Story of Triumph Over Tragedy

A Brave Hope is an inspirational movie about an ordinary person overcoming extraordinary circumstances, and she did so by relying on faith, hope, and love.  Rebekah Hughes learned to find joy and purpose despite the pain caused by the family turmoil of divorce, domestic violence, mental illness, addiction, abandonment, and cancer. 

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The movie is set to release on 10-17-21



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The Story Behind the Movie is co-written by Rebekah and Joel Hughes and tells the inspirational story BEHIND the movie.  You will learn not only HOW this ordinary couple facing extraordinary obstacles persevered to create an award-winning feature film, but also WHY they did it.  Most importantly, you'll find immense inspiration to step out into your own faith-filled adventures.  This book is also jam-packed with tons of practical life applications for all heroes in the making!  Get your free copy now before they go on sale.  

  • Over 100 behind-the-scenes pictures.
  • Over a dozen behind-the-scenes video links.
  • Chalk-Full of practical application and life inspiration!

You Will Discover

  • WHAT two remarkable people facing serious life tragedies did to overcome.
  • HOW they made an award-winning film. 
  • WHY they made it and what they learned about life along the way. 
  • HOW you too can learn to become the hero of your story and do great things no matter what you're facing.
  • WHY YOUR story matters too!

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