A New Kind of Care Package


Why HOPEBoxes are Different

12 years! That's how long Rebekah has been fighting cancer and we've fought it together as a couple for seven years. We've received many care packages and cancer-related gifts from friends and organizations: knit blankets, bracelets, stickers, mugs, lotions, tea bags, cheap socks, etc. While deeply grateful, 99% of those gifts get shelved, stored away, or thrown away. The well-intention behind the gift turns out as the best gift, but the actual gift...well.

We get it!  It's very challenging to know what to give someone with cancer that will really make a difference. But now walking this cancer journey for over 10 years, we've learned what really helps and makes a difference.

We've learned that the primary battle against cancer is not so much about treatments, medications, or fighting the side effects from those things, as real and crucial as those things are. The primary battle against cancer is in the heart: it's you against you and finding the hope and strength to keep pushing forward with confidence every day. Thus a coffee mug or pink rubber bracelet can't bring real, lasting hope. It's like bringing a squirt gun to a forest fire. Powerful hope comes from believing powerful ideas and this is an internal, heart/mind issue.

So we thought a lot about what to include in our care packages to help people find this inner hope and strength. We decided against including the usual ticket of pink trinkets. Upon receiving your HOPEBox, we want to create an exciting experience for people, like getting a Christmas present. Ultimately, we want to create packages that will foster real-life application, inner transformation, and life-long hope Every item in our HOPEBoxes is carefully thought out toward this goal.  

Thankfully, through our main company, Rebekah's Hope, we already had a solid arsenal of such items: books, apparel, courses, and our award-winning documentary, A Brave Hope. Along with these items, we also chose some other pretty cool things to include in our HOPE Boxes. Scroll down below to see what's included. 

NOTE: Different boxes offer various combinations of these items. 

Box Contents

A Brave Hope

Seen in film festivals around the country and winner of numerous first-place awards, A Brave Hope is a must-see documentary about cancer and hope. This film tells Rebekah's story (and our story) and will show you that no matter what you're going through, there is always hope!  The film is included in every HOPEBox in DVD (or Blueray) and a code to watch it online as many times as you want. Click Image to Watch Trailer


eBook: The Story Behind the Movie

The Story Behind the Movie is a quick read and is co-written by Rebekah and Joel. It tells the inspirational story BEHIND the movie.  You will learn not only HOW this ordinary couple facing extraordinary obstacles persevered to create an award-winning feature film, but also WHY they did it.  Most importantly, you'll find immense inspiration to step out into your own faith-filled adventures.  This book is also jam-packed with tons of practical life applications for all heroes in the making! 

HELP! Someone I Love Has Cancer 

What do you say?  What do you do?  These questions, and many others, are answered in this book.  You will discover:

  • How a tragedy can turn into a triumph
  • How to understand what cancer is and how it’s treated
  • How not to be one of the many Well-Intentioned Dragons
  • How to really help your loved one through their journey

NOTE: All books come in paperback signed by Joel & Rebekah. Kindle & PDF e-book versions also come with each box.

In Your Corner

Caregivers struggle with their own unique fears, hurts, frustrations, and stresses.  If that sounds familiar, then this book is for you.  In it you will discover:

  • The emotions and struggles that spouses/caretakers undergo and how to overcome them
  • The hidden blessings of struggle and even tragedy
  • The tools to love yourself and your spouse through the toughest times


Drowning in anxiety? Paralyzed by the fear of a hundred “what ifs”? How do you keep going when life hurts so much?

EPIC Hope is a unique book about hope.  It boldly tackles crucial life-questions like: What is genuine hope?  How do we find it?  How do we discern false hopes?  What is the ultimate meaning of life?  

WHY Does God Allow Things Like Cancer?

If God is all good, WHY so much suffering and evil? If God is all-powerful, WHY doesn’t He stop it all? Does God even care? …Is God even there?  In this book, you will discover:

  • WHY bad things happen to good people.
  • WHY you can absolutely trust God despite so much pain.
  • WHY—surprisingly—evil’s existence is one of the strongest proofs of God’s existence.

There are answers!  They may not be easy or quick, but for the hurting heart who cares to know WHY God allows things like cancer, there are answers—answers that give us a powerful hope! 

Hope Journal & Pen

We searched dozens of companies to find a high-quality, stitch-bound journal that's compact and has thick pages. This is it! Keeping a journal or just writing down your thoughts and feelings can help you flesh out feelings, clarify thinking, gain perspective, and create gratitude. We even offer a free online mini-course called Learn To Write Your Life Story. You can find that course at rebekahshope.org.

Lemon Tree Seeds

People often plant trees in someone's memory after they pass away. But you're not going anywhere so you will have the time to plant and grow your own lemon tree and turn those tart lemons into sweet lemonade. These are dwarf lemon tree seeds. You can grow them in your backyard or in a pot in your kitchen. Planting and lemonade instructions included!

Hat or Beanie

Created right here in the U.S.A., our "Bad Hair Day" hat and Straight Outta Chemo beanie tell the world you may have cancer, but you have a positive attitude about it. If the HOPEBox you choose comes with this option, you get to choose which one you want.

Hope Cards

Every box comes with a packet of hope cards displaying inspirational quotes and sayings. Put these up in your house, in your car, at your work, or whenever you will see them often.  

Rebekah's Daily Survival Guide

Three pages of Rebekah's life-hacks for peace and joy through the storm of cancer. It also includes a playlist of her Top 20 Songs of Hope and Encouragement (with clickable links to all the popular streaming platforms). Included with all boxes.

Welcome Packet

Every box comes with a welcome packet from Joel & Rebekah. First, a warm welcome letter along with info on watching the film online and some other goodies we include. Our direct contact info is there for anyone who wants to reach out and connect further. We included a list and description of all your box contents, lemon tree planting instructions, and a recipe for making sweet lemonade. 

Newbie Book Writer

(Only in the Writer's Box)

This is the ultimate online course for aspiring authors. It's 33 video lessons that will take a newbie author from Idea to Publication... and beyond. The course also comes with the Newbie Book Writer eBook Guide and a 45-minute coaching call with Joel. Joel has published six books with more on the way. 

Zoom Call

Let's meet! The Everything Box comes with a Zoom call with Joel and Rebekah. Community is crucial when fighting cancer and we would love to meet you! While we provide our direct email contact info with every, The Everything Box also comes with a Zoom call. Whether you just want to say hi, need some encouragement or prayer, or even need some counseling, we look forward to connecting with you. 

Beautiful Packaging

We spent months choosing and designing the look and feel of our box packaging. The items inside each box are powerful and high-quality, but we also want to give people an exciting experience to hold the box in their hands and then opening it up. We want to give people that Christmas morning feeling.