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WHY Does God Allow Things Like Cancer?

Understanding Pain and Suffering


If God is all-good, WHY all the suffering and evil?

If God is all-powerful, WHY doesn’t He put an end to it?

Doesn’t God care?

Is God even there?

For generations people have wrestled with these questions. Answers fail to both satisfy our intellect and comfort our heart. Attempted explanations of the mystery of evil and suffering existing in the creation of an all-good and all-powerful God are often glib, shallow, clichéd, and/or entirely false. 

Joel Hughes and his wife, Rebekah, know suffering all too well. Prompted by a life of struggle, addiction, failure, cancer, and more, Joel has invested more than 20 years of in-depth theological study of the WHY question. Having both the knowledge of a theologian and the heart of a pastor, Joel will lead you through fields of emotional landmines, around bottomless pits of fear, and over walls of anger as he discusses the timeless puzzle of God, evil, and suffering. 

In this book, you will discover:

  • WHY we are often wrong about God.
  • WHY the popular explanations of God and evil fall short.
  • WHY bad things happen to good people.
  • WHY you can absolutely trust God despite your profound pain.
  • WHY—surprisingly—evil’s existence is one of the strongest proofs of God’s existence

In WHY Does God Allow Things Like Cancer?, Joel offers compelling and Scriptural answers to these WHY questions.

They haven’t come easily or quickly, but they are answers that offer powerful HOPE

Joel Hughes

is the author of six books, including HELP! Someone I Love Has Cancer, In Your Corner, and EPIC Hope.  With his wife, Rebekah, he is the director of Rebekah's Hope, which helps cancer fighters find hope through authentic, hope-filled media.  He is a producer of the award-winning film, A Brave Hope. Joel is also the creator of Newbie Book Writer, an online school for aspiring authors.  

Joel holds degrees in Christian ministry and philosophy.  He and Rebekah live in Southern Oregon.

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