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Think of Badass Camp as your war room, full of weapons to help you become the badass hero of your story. Badasses get hurt, they suffer, they struggle, but they don't view themselves as helpless victims. Badasses may get knocked down, but they always get back up and keep fighting forward. Welcome to your own Badass Camp!

A Brave Hope

2021's movie of inspiration and hope!  A true story of triumph over tragedy, A Brave Hope is raw and real, heartbreaking and humorous.  Winner of numerous film festivals awards from around the country, this documentary will inspire you to believe that no matter what you’re facing, there is always hope. 

A Brave Hope (documentary)

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Books of Hope

A Caregiver's Survival Guide to Life, Love, Cancer, and Hope

 $6.99 Kindle / $15.99 Paper

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How You Can Really Make a Difference

$6.99 Kindle / $11.99 Paper / Audio   

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Finding the Only Hope That Can Heal Our Deepest Hurts

 $7.99 Kindle / $15.99 Paper / Audio

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Understanding Pain and Suffering

$6.99 Kindle / $13.99 Paper dasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfsadf

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A Proven Plan for Writing, Publishing, and Selling Your First Book

$2.99 Kindle

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The Story Behind the Movie: How We Did it and Why

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Hope Armor

Discover over 40 badass shirts, hats, beanies, hoodies, plus drinkware, talking pillows, bags, and more available only from Rebekah's Hope. Each item is envisioned and then created by Joel and Rebekah.

Cancer Messed with the Wrong Girl


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 Hope Fighter


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 Hope Fighter


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 Brave (definition)


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I Wear Pink For My Wife


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 Love Fight Live


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 I'm A True Story


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Straight Outta Chemo


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 Hope Fighter


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Straight Outta Chemo mug


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Fight (carry bag)


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Beauty From Ashes (pilows)


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Cancer Coaching & Counseling

Beauty for Ashes is a face-to-face cancer-related coaching and counseling program via Zoom or phone. Your mentors are Rebekah and Joel Hughes who, together, will facilitate each meeting. Beauty for Ashes is a 3-month program (6x meetings).

We will follow a game plan dealing with Grief, Acceptance, Emotions, Beliefs, Blessings, and Purpose. But your personal needs are the top priority so this outline is highly flexible. Includes some sweet goodies too!

Beauty for Ashes

The goal of BFA is not just to help you get through cancer in one piece as you were before cancer, but rather our shared goal is to use this as an opportunity to grow and transform into a hope-filled, badass fighter.  

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HOPEBoxes are a new kind of cancer care package. We offer different boxes for different groups and needs. Every item is chosen to help foster real-life application, inner transformation, and life-long hope

HOPEBoxes work on the BOGO philosophy: Buy One, Give One. 

 With every HOPEBox purchased, we donate a free one to another cancer fighter in need. 


We Offer

  • A Patient Box
  • A Friends & Family Box
  • A Couples & Caregiver's Box
  • A Faith Box
  • The Everything Box
  • A Writer's Box
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Online Courses

Writing is a proven and powerful way of finding inner release, perspective, and healing. We'll show you how to take your writing to the next level and write captivating stories and teachings. 

Newbie Book Writer


The best online course for aspiring authors. Learn how to write, publish, launch, and sell a beautiful book. (This course also comes with the Writer's HOPEBox).

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How to Write Your Life Story


This is a totally free mini-course showing you step-by-step how to write your life story, an experience, or your testimony using a time-tested story framework.

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Projects in the Works for 2022

We are always working on new hope-filled projects to empower and inspire those dealing with cancer. If you're not on our Hope Team yet, sign up below to receive exciting updates on all the cool stuff we're cooking.

The HOPE Project

90% Done

Want to start a cancer support group in your area but not sure how? No problem, The HOPE Project has everything you need to start and facilitate a thriving cancer support group.

Find Your Life Purpose

80% Done

Joel's forthcoming book on how to find your unique purpose in life and how to bring that purpose to life.

Clothed in Strength

%40 Done

Rebekah's forthcoming book reveals 12 common lies cancer patients often believe and the antithetical truths you can adopt to fight them. 


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Power Through Chemo Like A Badass (Even If You Feel Like A Wimp)

35-page eBook

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How does Rebekah live every day with joy and hope despite having stage 4 cancer? Find out in her Daily Survival Guide.

3 page PDF with music playlist

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The Story Behind the Movie: How We Did it and Why

eBook with tons of behind-the-scenes pictures

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Cancer-Fighting Ninjas Reveal Kickass Tips: 75 Stupidly Simple Ideas for Helping Your Loved One Through Cancer... Plus 20 Things You Should NEVER Say or Do

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In Conversation with Joel Hughes, Executive Producer of A Brave Hope

Seven Practical Tips for Caregivers

Avoiding Cowardly Self-Preservation

How To Find Your WHY In Life

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The Fallible Caregiver Series: Helping Her Feel Normal