Seven Practical Tips for Caregivers

cancer caregiver Mar 10, 2020

Seven Practical Tips for Caregivers

By Joel Hughes

It took me a year or so into Rebekah’s diagnosis to recognize myself as a “caregiver”.  At some point in our marriage, I just went from a husband to a husband and a caregiver.  I’m not too hot on the word caregiver, but that’s the world our current culture uses for the role I play. 

The more that Rebekah’s cancer affects her, or more accurately, the more her treatments (i.e. chemo, meds, etc.) affect her, the less she can do and the more falls on my shoulders.  Caregiving brings its own unique challenges, stresses, and temptations, and if we are not careful, we will burn out, or worse.  Trust me, I’m kind of a pro at doing both from time to time. 

The editor for Breast Cancer Awareness Magazine published two articles on Rebekah and me.  She later emailed me and asked me for a few tips that I could offer to caregivers.  The seven tips below are what I...

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