Hope Building Tools

Cancer?  Illness?  Despair?  Fear?  Struggle?

Sometimes life just sucks, or it seems to suck.  The truth is that life is a wonderful gift and it seems to suck or hurt precisely BECAUSE it's so special, BECAUSE we all carry around this thing called a heart (love), and BECAUSE we know or sense a greater purpose for our lives that we just seem to be missing.  You see, so much is about how we SEE life and reality.  It's about perspective.  We've created a host of HOPE-FILLED Products to help you realign your perspective, find new strength to persevere, and discover fresh hope to triumph over tragedies. 

We want to help YOU become the HERO of your story!  

How to Write YOUR Life Story!

100% Free Writing Course.

In this mini e-Course, Joel will show you how to outline, frame, and write YOUR STORY as both a source of healing (for you) and serve as a source of hope to those who read it.  

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